Giving Back By Our Agents

Corder and Associates team members donate a portion of their earnings every year to their favorite charities. 


Veterans Support Center

March, 24th 2021
Craig Del Grande

Check presentation to the Veterans Support Center for $2500. This group is working on a program to help stop 17 deaths a day just involving Veterans. What a great cause! Craig, Broker with Corder and Associates and his wife  Jill Del Grande are the top contributors to this program so far!


Help for Homeless Pets

March 23rd, 2021
Pam Amundsen

Pam Amundsen, licensed in Montana and Wyoming presenting her Give Back Contribution to Help for Homeless Pets.


Highwood Women's Club

March 3rd , 2021
Jennifer Birkeland

Realtor Jennifer Birkeland presenting Vice President Bobbette Birkeland of the Highwood Women’s Club with a donation. Jennifer is a part of the Highwood community and wanted to share her donation with the Women’s Club as they support the community in numerous ways.


Happy Valley 4H Club

February, 2021
Megan Pirtz

Megan Pirtz presents a check to the officers of Happy Valley 4H club in Prairie County. The club was just recently reactivated and funds were certainly welcome and appreciated. 4H is a huge asset for the youth in the Ag community of Prairie County.


Thompson River Animal Care Shelter

February, 2021
Lisa Hampton

“It feels so good to give! One of the many things I love about my company Corder and Associates is the “Give Back Program”. Today I was able to present a check to TRACS, my favorite non-profit in our community. Thompson River Animal Care Shelter was founded in 2006 by Wanda Thorpe and Warren Winter. I have watched these two and their team commit their lives to rehoming over 1000 pets a year, helping out in abuse cases and spay and neuter programs. I even got to hold a puppy! My heart is content!”


Great Falls Exchange Club

February, 2021
Joan Gogo

Bill Shirley, the Great Falls Exchange Club President accepts Joann Gogo’s Give Back check. Joann is a Realtor in the Great Falls, MT office.


My Student In Need

February, 2021
Sasha Keller

“Our ‘Corder and Associates- Give Back Program’ has been heavy on my mind and I was driving the kids to school one morning and heard an ad come on the radio for “My Student In Need.” It crushed me that there are kids out there who don’t have the basic day to day necessities. This amazing group sets things up so their teacher can take these kiddos in need shopping. These guys are heroes and I appreciate people who step up to help others. I’m so happy to be able to donate to such a great cause!”


Dedman Animal Shelter

February, 2021
April Schmele

 April Schmele, Realtor and Corder and Associates Office Manager presents her 2021 Give Back donation check to Roger Corder, Chairman of the Dedman Animal Shelter located in Fort Benton, MT.

The Florence Dedman Animal Shelter and Foundation Is a private low kill shelter that work off of donations from grants and from private donors. The meaning of a “low kill” shelter is animals will not be euthanized because of lack of space or because they have been in the shelter for a long time. All animals get a vet check when they arrive and appropriate vaccinations for their age. They also make sure that all animals are spayed and neutered.


Geyser Emergency Services

February, 2021
Kalie Evans

The Geyser ambulance emergency crew has come to my family’s aid on more than one occasion so I was thankful to be able to give back and donate this year to help them in their efforts to raise money to purchase a new ambulance.


Eagle Mount Billings

January, 2021
Zach McKinley

An awesome part of being with Corder is our Giveback Program. I was fortunate enough to donate a portion of my 2020 earnings to a local non-profit. Macie and I chose Eagle Mount Billings.


Quality Life Concepts

January, 2021
Kalie Evans

Kalie Evans presenting a check to Quality Life Concepts. Each year every agent chooses a non profit agency to give back a portion of their sales!


Rotary Club Great Falls & Great Falls Receiving Home

January, 2021
Joann Gogo & Nicklaus Schmele

New member to Rotary Club-Great Falls, Joann Gogo wowed the club recently with her generosity by donating a portion of her first commission to the Great Falls Rotary Foundation. It is an initial donation to start an endowment for Camp Rotary.

Nicklaus Schmele also recently presented a check to the Great Falls Receiving Home. For nearly 50 years, The Great Falls Children’s Receiving Home has provided safe, temporary shelter to thousands of children who have been removed from their homes of origin due to child abuse, neglect, abandonment, parental drug use, domestic violence, and parental incarceration. Each of these children carries a heartbreaking story of his or her abuse.