Who Is Your Broker?

Owning a piece of Montana dirt is a pretty exclusive thing. Thus, when you come to the decision to sell your land, farm or ranch, be sure to do your research on real estate brokerage companies before making a selection.

Save yourself from the misery of a bad experience that puts your land or ranch in the hands of the wrong person. In all likelihood, your ranch or farm represents the majority of your net worth. Choosing the right broker then is a significant decision. 

Selling property is exciting! Who will be interested? What kind of deals will you get? The experience is enhanced by a good real estate agent that pays attention to the market. Everywhere you look, there are different signs and ads for brokerages and agents, so finding one that best suits your needs can be a bit of a challenge. You ultimately want to work with an agent that is experienced and trustworthy ensuring that your property can be sold at top dollar. Hopefully, this article can help you navigate the world of real estate agents and help you find the most qualified representation of your land. 

First, selling land, farms or ranches, is a specialized business. Some land professionals may call themselves a “land realtor, ranch realtor, land broker, ranch broker, land agent,” and so on indicating that they specialize in selling Montana land, farms and ranches. A good broker should be willing to provide you a free market analysis of your property before listing it for sale. The market for selling a home is different than the market for selling land. A qualified broker knows this and markets your farm, ranch, or land to the right buyers.

This brings us to the next criterion you will want to look for: marketing. Does the company offer an extensive marketing program that is targeted with land investors? Such marketing tools can be expensive for a brokerage company, but from a seller’s standpoint, this is very desirable. You want to select a company that is going to expose your property to the largest suitable audience. You can guarantee that the best companies provide a multi-pronged marketing program that include digital and print advertising, and event sponsorship. Do they have a comprehensive website that draws traffic? How does their website rank with popular search keywords? Utilizing cutting edge technology in today’s farm and ranch real estate market is a huge advantage over other companies. Unfortunately, running an ad in the paper and putting word out to neighboring landowners just is not enough to cut it anymore. 

It isn’t likely to hold an open house on a piece of property to allow the clientele to have a look like you would with a residential home. Therefore, does your potential company use aerial footage and photos or interactive aerial maps? If not, you may want to consider others. Would you feel comfortable buying or selling a home with a realtor that has never actually owned a home? Why, then, would you choose a realtor who has never owned a ranch or perhaps ever even been on one? Selling ranches is a complex process and working with someone who understands how a working farm or ranch operates is a must. It is also important to consider if the broker will do a good job showing your land and its most attractive attributes. Does the broker take time to get out of the vehicle and allow you to actually experience the farm or ranch? Some just sit in the truck and drive throughout the property and that is all. 

Choosing the right farm or ranch broker will not only help you obtain a top price for your property but will facilitate a smooth transaction and keep you informed. Reflect on these points to help you choose the right broker and expect to have a quality experience when selling your land, farm or ranch. 

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